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Permanent makeup

Every woman tends to look good at any time of the day and not to spend much time on a daily makeup. Every woman dreams when there will be no need to put on makeup every day and refresh their makeup during the day. And here we have a favorable decision!!! It is permanent makeup or tattoo.
Permanent makeup as a separate cosmetic procedure has become widespread due to the tattoo art, but in cosmetology it is known since the time of Queen Cleopatra-beauty when natural colourants were injected under the skin using sharpened bamboo sticks.

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for women who are interested in not bright lines but clear contours. Based on tattoo any woman can make the personal makeup. Thanking tattooing one creates the effect of natural beauty, emphasizes the dignity and hides problem zones. Permanent makeup can make lip contour clearer, it can create perfect eyebrows and with the help of line emphasize the depth of the look and create beautiful eye shape.  

The principle of the modern tattoo is in injection of high-quality natural coloring pigment in the top skin layer. This procedure, with proper expert conduct, is absolutely safe and kept for a long period of time (from 3 to 5 years).

Our advantages:

- 100% sterility and usage of single-use materials (all suppliers are showed to the client)


There are two types of eyebrow permanent: tinting coating of the skin surface in order to create the effect of penciled eyebrow or drawing in individual hairs

EYES (Lines)

Permanent eye makeup is the circling of eye contour that gives them more expressive form and brightness. In some cases, permanent makeup of eyelid compensates the absence of eyelashes or makes them thicker (lines between eyelashes)


And of course we want to talk about lip tattooing, it will emphasize the contour of your lips, make them more tempting, the color becomes more saturated and brighter.



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