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Redermalization is a new era in anti-age therapy

It is an innovative technique for effective prevention of aging, rejuvenation and recovering of skin on the face and body, which affects all the main pathogenetic mechanisms of skin aging and provides a powerful integrated anti-age effect.
Hyalual® is revolutionary in its composition, mechanism and obtained result preparation for redermalization which has unique properties of rejuvenation and repairing of skin on the face and body.
At the top of the best clinics and beauty salons of the country redermalization-trend is the brightest invention of the XXI century for all women.
Redermalization is skin rejuvenation by its recovery with the help of injection of a drug of new generation Hyalual®. If we translate from the Latin prefix "Re" means "recovery", "derma" is the main skin layer, which is responsible for youth and which condition reflects its age.
  The unique formula for redermalization (rejuvenation)

Preparations of new generation Hyalual® are a unique patented formula combining hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate, which helps to implement the action on all major pathogenetic aging mechanisms, as the result we get powerful integrated anti-age effect (redermalization).

Small wrinkles are smoothed, large ones become less visible. And you get pleasure from extremely pleasant texture of your rejuvenated skin. Redermalization eliminates evidences of fatigue, skin becomes relaxed, elastic, it becomes in tonus again, as it bursts within.

The skin becomes smooth and porcelain, it shades health. There one can notice a noticeable turgor, and here one can talk about non-surgical lift, you become desirable, attractive and naturally beautiful.

It is radically different result, after which you say: "I want to do it one more time!" 

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