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PROFESSIONAL VISAGE is an art for which it is equally important subtle artistic flair and professional knowledge, following to classical canons and readiness for improvisation.



If you want to look perfectly at your own wedding or other magnificent celebration, if you prepare for an important meeting or appointment, plan to lead a photoshoot or you want to master the ability to create a perfect image, we WILL HELP YOU with any of these situations.

Visage in our performance - it is much more than a simple overlapping of makeup. First of all, we take into account skin type, its age and condition which make the reason to choose the appropriate cosmetics. After that we determine the face shape, striking traits which will be emphasized, and defects which should be "hidden". Choosing color scheme the specialist takes into account the natural shade of skin, color of eyes, lips and hair, selects the most advantageous combinations of tones for each case. Such diligent stage of preparation wholly pays off result - mature women look younger, skin becomes faultless and velvety, circles under eyes, acne and capillaries disappear. Eyes look shining and smile - snow-white.

Professional make-up helps to return to face freshness and shine even after tiresome day, with its help it is possible to emphasize any image providing completeness and faultlessness

Among the most demanded types of visage which we offer you are the following:
• Wedding visage which not simply creates an irresistible image, but also keeps freshness and faultlessness until late evening (IT IS POSSIBLE TO CALL MAKEUP ARTIST TO THE BRIDE TO MAKE WEDDING MAKE-UP)
• The day make-up which emphasizes advantages and at the same time it looks neutrally and naturally;
• Evening make-up, by means of which it is possible to create a bright and effective image for a corporate party, New Year's Eve or other solemn occasion;
• Make-up for photoshoots, it helps to create complete and expressive model's image.

For visage our specialists use exclusively professional, hypoallergenic cosmetic which excludes erythema or irritations of skin and doesn't cause overdrying. And due to its firmness cosmetic doesn't fall and doesn't disappear for a long time. We offer not only creation of the image, but also training in bases of make-up drawing (more details in the part "VISAGE SCHOOL")

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