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comment-olya.jpgOlha Ratnovskaya (41 years old, pharmacy technician)

Feedback: I always visit the cabinet of cosmetologist Oksana Yavorskaya with a great pleasure. I am always surprised with her professionalism, experience and emotional warmth which she meets me with. Oksana, thank you very much for beauty, adolescence and self confidence which you gift for us women; for your skilful fingers!

comment-Natalia-Goleva.jpgNataly Holieva (47 years old, Doctor of Medical Science, professor of Kharkov medical university)

Feedback: She is a person who makes herself by her own powers... She is persistent, purposeful and professional in her occupation. And at the same time she is kind, sympathetic and not indifferent person. 

comment-Elena-Suhanova.jpgIrina Kalinovskaya (25 years old, dentist)

Feedback: I want to say you great thank, You gift for women the main things in their lives - beauty and adolescence, feeling of self confidence. And also thank You for your understanding, professionalism, sensitivity, attention and warmth!

comment-Olga-Kurinskih.jpgOlha Kurinskyh (24 years old, cosmetologist)

Feedback: Dear madams, I would like to recommend you the beautiful cosmetologist Oksana Yavorskaya, the best specialist in her occupation! She makes all kinds of procedures and knows everything about us (about our skin, on the face as well as on the body)!

comment-Elena.jpgHelen (48 years old, business lady, Switzerland)

Feedback: When I fly into Ukraine, firstly I go to my favorite cosmetologist. I go for beauty, positive and kind energy. She is cosmetologist-skilful fingers, cosmetologist-professional! Thank You very much!

comment-Olga.jpgOlha Ozkan (27 years old, stylist-visagiste, New York - Kharkov)

Today on the recommendations of my friend I have visited the Cosmetology of Oksana Yavorskaya. The first impression was excellent, as a patient I immediately felt confident on how Oksana professionally and confidently examined me and made a conclusion, and believe me, she instantly corrected what I was not happy with. I simply admire people who know their work on such professional level. Looking all feedbacks on the Internet I want to write my own. Thank you Oksana, for the fact that you are an expert with a capital letter!!!

comment-lina.jpg Lina Miroshnichenko (33 years, owner of the hotel in Koktebel "Dream")       

Oksana Yavorskaya is an excellent specialist and expert of her sphere. She helped me to cope not only with external problems (on the face), but also internal (in the body). Procedures are carried out on the high quality level; I just do not want to leave the cabinet.   
Everything is clean, everything is sterile. It was nice to hear the details of each procedure and component and its effect on my skin. I have learned a lot of new and interesting things, but when I have tested it, I have realized that she is the best specialist. The results were seen in a week!!! I recommend and would recommend Oksana Yavorskaya to all the girls and women who want to look beautiful and well groomed!



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