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Classic cosmetology

chistka-lico.jpgClassic cosmetology
Every woman knows that facial care begins with a skin pilling. Facial pilling is a procedure of skin cleaning with the help of manual or hardware method that allows to scrub the dead skin cells, eliminate surface impurities and remove inflammatory elements (comedones).


The new series Bioplasma of the GIGI Company is based on special natural ingredients from marine and plant substances that provide the skin's ability to cope with environmental damage and age. The result is a young and healthy skin
уход за лицом.jpgThe program for facial care
Submerge yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and care. The optimal combination of ingredients and special massage techniques provide the effectiveness of procedure and cumulative effect of moisture.
пилинги.jpgAlmond peeling
Almond peeling solves such problems as: hyperpigmentation. It lightens hyperpigmented areas and can be used in patients with dark skin without the risk of hyperpigmentation gaining; prevention of infectious complications after laser peelings.
In our work we use the peelings MediIcControlPeel. The new line of peelings MediIcControlPeel is represented with a wide range of chemical peelings of different depths.


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