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Modeling of body

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System LPG B-flexy is a revolutionary creation of LPG Systems Corporation. It is an endermologie method that has opened new opportunities in curing cellulitis and overweight. Also endermologie method is effective at microcirculation defect, stress, trauma, edema of any kind, surgical scar, arthrosis etc.
This method is based on mechanic effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat by special motor-operated rollers in connection with vacuum that are closed in peculiar designed self-moving hand piece. Rollers can run in different speeds and directions. As a result the procedure has normalizing and relaxing impact on nerve system and it also restores and tones skin, muscle and connective tissue structures. Working in this sphere beginning from 1986 year, LPG Systems has proved the effectiveness of endermologie method helping millions of patients all over the world.

Method application allows:

  • modeling body;
  • decreasing body volume in short time, becoming slim;
  • curing cellulite;
  • decreasing or throwing off the striae distensae;
  • improving skin elasticity on the border of dermis/subcutaneous fat;
  • improving micro relief of the skin and microcirculation level;
  • providing high level of relaxation;
  • solving tasks of recovering therapy and sport medicine.

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